Teachers as Researchers

The "Teachers as Researchers" programme: Citizen science to engage educators in the production of structured practice-based evidence at a large-scale

Every day, millions of educators try out new practices to improve education. To be effective, they need to build upon each other’s successes and failures. However, collaboratively producing evidence about their practices that can be trustworthy, compared across contexts, and aggregated at a large scale is challenging.

Since 2019, we are developing the “Teachers as Researchers” programme, a citizen science project to engage educators in the collaborative production of practice-based evidence as they daily experiment with new educational practices.

The "Teachers as Researchers" programme trains volunteer educators to create communities and to facilitate regular workshops in which community members follow a methodology designed to motivate collaboration and reflection about their practices while at the same time producing structured records of practice-based evidence. The work of communities is undertaken in a collaborative publication platform to promote wide collaboration across communities and to feed a shared and public database of practice-based evidence (

ignacio atal
Long term fellow
grégory lefèvre
Research Associate
manon archer
Coordinatrice des communautés Profs-Chercheurs
marine lanteri
Project Manager Teachers as Researchers Community
pleen le jeune
FIRE PhD student
noe malais
zoé viviand
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